Immersive Design Based on Human Motion#1
Jan Philipp Drude & Hendrik Wiese
This workshop explores scenarios, which take the individual body dimensions and spatial perception of designers and clients as the basis for design. This is achieved through the combination of virtual reality (VR) and Motion Capture (Mocap) technologies.
Re-Imagining Resources#2
Clemens Preisinger, Matthew Tam, Jonathon Broughton & team
This workshop is orchestrated by leading practitioners in the field of architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC), showcasing a unique collaboration among specialists in software development and digital design methodologies.
Undo: Human-Robot Interaction#3
Stefana Parascho & team
This workshop proposes a novel, hybrid synergetic workflow that enhances human-robot interaction (HRI) to support dynamic and reconfigurable fabrication processes. Humans can intervene by modifying a scaled-down version of the structure, thereby enabling more intuitive and safe adjustments in the building process.
From Forest to Design#4
Andrea Rossi & team
This workshop aims to provide a seamless connection between research on innovative mycelium materials and a bioregional, sustainable approach to design, using renewable materials that could be integrated in circular processes.
form-fit(s) system#5
Mobin Moussavi
This workshop serves as an introduction to the theoretical framework underpinning the design of load-bearing structures with developable surfaces and the implementation of interlocking connections using an assembly-aware approach. Participants will delve into the utilization of computational design algorithms to generate geometry variations adherin…