Interactive Form-finding with Compas-FoFin#1
Lotte Scheder-Bieschin & team, ETH Zurich
In this workshop, the participants will explore interactive form finding of tensile structures with compas-FoFin, a novel Plugin for Rhinoceros based on the COMPAS framework.
Low Carbon Design with Rhino, Grasshopper and One Click LCA#2
Diego Apellániz & team, University of the Arts Berlin
The aim of the workshop is to show the participants the potential of life-cycle assessment (LCA) to reduce the environmental impacts of architectural projects and let them explore different design
strategies for this purpose through a hands-on case study.
Drawing Fabrication#3
Jens Pedersen & team, Odico Aarhus
The workshop presents a cyber-physical workflow, where users can instruct a robot through on object hand drawn notations. The workflow digitizes physical drawing(s) through either a Rhino/Grasshopper setup or a tablet app pipeline where physical drawings is converted to robot targets.
Monoceros Pro#4
Ján Pernecký, Subdigital Bratislava
The participants of the workshop will learn digital parametric design techniques from the very basics all the way to advanced applications of Monoceros pro in architecture and urban planning.
Flexible BIM & Parametric Design in Architecture#5
Francesc Salla, Asuni Barcelona
This workshop will explore innovative “Flexible BIM” and parametric design tools for modeling, designing, developing, and reporting architectural projects of any design using Rhino, VisualARQ, and Grasshopper.
Drawing Floor Plans with Machine Learning#6
Jeroen van Lith, PlanFinder
In this workshop, participants will get a hands-on tutorial on how to incorporate ML into a small architectural design workflow.
Performative Skins#7
Pierluigi D'Acunto & team, Technical University of Munich / Princeton University / ETH Zurich
In this workshop, participants will learn how to design structurally-efficient tower exoskeletons using COMPAS SINGULAR and COMPAS CEM. Structural form-finding is commonly associated with the design of long-span horizontal structures such as cable nets, vaults, and gridshells.
Intuitive Workflows & High-end Visualisation with Enscape and V-Ray#8
Kaj Burval & team, Enscape
During this two-day workshop, participants will learn how to use the powerful plug-ins, Enscape and V-Ray. Come and gain your own experience in real-time rendering to support your design workflow and create high-end visualizations of your Rhino projects.