Structural NURBS#2
Philipp Längst, Anna Bauer, Riccardo La Magna
Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) is a novel approach in finite element methods which allows to directly use NURBS-objects in CAD for simulation and therefore overcomes standard processes of geometry translations (such as meshing) and enables integrated design approaches by linking the power of simulation consistently into the modelling space (CAD).
Fabrication-Informed Design of Robotically Assembled Structures (sold out)#4
Stefana Parascho, Yijiang Huang, Caitlin Mueller & Grey Wartinger
This workshop presents methods for designing and assembling spatial structures with one or multiple robots. It tackles technical challenges of robotic assembly, such as collision-avoidance and sequence definition, but also methods for designing structures that are buildable with a robotic fabrication set-up.
Fresh Eyes: Applying Machine Learning to Generative Architectural Design (sold out)#5
Adam Menges, Kat Park, Kyle Steinfeld, Matt Turlock
This workshop presents tools and techniques for the application of Machine Learning (ML) to Generative Architectural Design (GAD). Proposed here is a modest modification of a 3-step process that is well-known in generative architectural design, and that proceeds as: generate, evaluate, iterate. In place of the typical approaches to the evaluation s…
Robotic Wood Printing Workshop#6
Mohamed Dawod, Zuardin Akbar, Arjen Deetman, Benedikt Wannemacher
This workshop introduces a novel method of additive manufacturing with continuous solid wood fibres. Participants will explore a newly developed wood monofilament made out of willow withes (a rapidly renewable resource in Germany), robotic fabrication and topology optimization processes developed at the University of Kassel, to fabricate high-resol…
Generative Design Workflows with Project Refinery and Dynamo (sold out)#8
Varvara Toulkeridou, Autodesk
Learn how to build optimization-driven generative design workflows with the help of Dynamo and Project Refinery on this two-day workshop.