Re-Imagining Resources


This workshop is orchestrated by leading practitioners in the field of architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC), showcasing a unique collaboration among specialists in software development and digital design methodologies. It presents an opportunity for attendees to learn directly from experts who are actively shaping the future of digital construction practices. This collaborative environment not only facilitates a deep dive into the potential of these technologies to revolutionize AEC processes but also ensures a comprehensive understanding of how these diverse tools can work together to achieve greater efficiency, sustainability, and interoperability in project execution.

Designed for those eager to explore cutting-edge practices, the workshop requires participants to have a foundational understanding of Grasshopper, whilst knowledge of Karamba3D and Speckle are beneficial, with experts on hand to guide and provide assistance. It is tailored for teams with a variety of skills but united by a common interest in computational design, emphasizing the early integration of carbon and cost assessments into project phases for impactful, data-centric feedback and iteration.

Key to the workshop is the application of variation and analysis tools for auditing and tracking changes made by different users, facilitating decision-making processes and democratizing access to specialist tools. Through real-world examples and practical techniques, participants will not only learn but also apply these insights into their professional practice, embodying the workshop’s goal of merging technology with human creativity to advance the AEC industry towards more sustainable, efficient, and collaborative futures.

The format is hybrid of masterclass and hackathon style workshop with a series of lectures /presentations and tutorials, where participants will be then asked to work in groups on a specific design task to experiment with the shown workflows. We will then end with a final presentation and discussion.

Workshop Leaders

Clemens Preisinger, University of Applied Arts Vienna | Karamba3D

Clemens is a structural engineer and researcher. He started his career as a researcher at the Institute for Structural Concrete at the Technical University Vienna. Since 2008 Clemens is working for the structural engineering company Bollinger+Grohmann. During that time, he contributed to several research projects at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. There he currently heads the department ‚Digital Simulation‘ which investigates possibilities to bring computational modelling techniques into early-stage architectural design. Since 2010 Clemens is developing the parametric, interactive Finite Element program ‘Karamba3D’ as a freelancer. He holds a PhD in Structural Engineering from the Technical University Vienna. He has organised and lead numerous workshops at DigitalFUTURES, Design Modeling Symposium, Smart Geometry, AAG and McNeel.

Matthew Tam, Karamba3D | Bollinger+Grohmann

Matthew is a computational designer based in Vienna, having studied architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, SCI Arc and University of Melbourne. He is core to the Karamba3D team, regularly holding workshops at conferences and institutions such as DigitalFUTURES, CAADRIA, AAG, Design Modeling Symposium, Smart Geometry and McNeel. Matthew leads the Design Technology department in Bollinger+Grohmann Vienna working at the interface of architectural, structural and computational design.

Ljuba Tascheva, Bollinger+Grohmann

Ljuba has been working at the interface between architecture and structural design as computational designer at Bollinger+Grohmann in Frankfurt since November 2011. Before joining Bollinger+Grohmann, she completed her diploma degree in Architecture with focus on experimental and digital design and construction and Master’s degree in Design Research at the University of Kassel. Ljuba leads the Design Technology department for Germany and she is part of the core team developing and implementing the Digitalisation Strategy at Bollinger+Grohmann.

Alexander Hofbeck, Bollinger+Grohmann

Alexander is a structural engineer with a background in 3D design and BIM. He has been working for the engineering and design consultancy Bollinger+Grohmann since 2015 and holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Munich, where he specialized in the fields of structural analysis, concrete and steel structures, and soil engineering. Together with Ljuba and Matthew, Alexander leads Bollinger+Grohmann’s Design Technology Group, additionally he acts as Head of BIM and is part of the core team responsible for Bollinger+Grohmann’s digitalisation strategy.

Jonathon Broughton, Speckle

Jonathon, currently serving as the Head of Advocacy at Speckle, is a seasoned data analyst, architect and master planner with over two decades of expertise. His professional journey includes significant roles at renowned firms such as Rogers, Alsop Architects and Allies and Morrison, where he led in fostering multidisciplinary collaboration for inner city regeneration projects in Central London, leveraging Grasshopper’s generative design capabilities as an analytical practice to extract truths from good bad and ugly data. The advocacy team at Speckle convenes regular hackathons and workshops with their commitment to open, collaborative digital delivery.