Noémie Aureau
RPBW, Architecte HMONP & Ingénieure X-Ponts
Noémie Aureau, both a structural engineer and an architect, develops multi-criteria approaches to architectural design, lightweight structures and building envelopes in order to create a cutting edge yet sensitive and sustainable architecture. For an opera project in Asia designed by RPBW, she explored via this approach a wide range of massing and shell options to define the best architectural proposal.
Kai-Uwe Bletzinger
Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Bletzinger researches computer-oriented methods for the static-dynamic calculation, simulation and optimization of load-bearing structures. His focus lies on developing finite element methods for form finding, form optimization and the cutting of light shell and membrane structures.
Billie Faircloth
KieranTimberlake, Philadelphia
Faircloth leads a transdisciplinary group of professionals leveraging research, design, and problem-solving processes from fields as diverse as environmental management, chemical physics, materials science, and architecture. She fosters collaboration between disciplines, trades, academies, and industries in order to define a relevant problem-solving boundary for the built environment.
Monika Grzymala
Visual Artist, Berlin
Grzymala is a contemporary sculptor, graphic artist and installation artist. Her spatial drawings have already been shown at numerous international exhibition venues. The artistic interventions of materials such as paints, handmade papers, adhesive tapes, plants, ceramics, modelling masses and 3D drawings in virtual reality play with spaces, sometimes in a temporary, sometimes in a permanent way.
Hanif Kara
Harvard Graduate School of Design, AKT II London
Hanif Kara is a practicing Structural Engineer and Professor in Practice of Architectural Technology at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard. As Design Director and co-founder of AKTII, his particular ‘design-led’ approach and interest in innovative form, material uses, and complex analysis methods have allowed him to work on numerous award-winning, pioneering projects.
Olga Sorkine-Hornung
ETH Zurich
Sorkine-Hornung is interested in theoretical foundations and practical algorithms for digital content creation tasks, such as shape representation and editing, artistic modeling techniques, digital fabrication, computer animation and digital image manipulation. She also works on fundamental problems in digital geometry processing, including reconstruction, filtering, parameterization, meshing and compression of geometric data.
Jakob Strømann-Andersen
Henning Larsen Architects, Copenhagen
Strømann-Andersen always seeks to develop innovative visions and solutions within the field of sustainable design. He believe that the innovative solutions can only be found through an interdisciplinary approach, where engineers and architects work closely together as creative collaborators.
Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen
CITA at KADK, Copenhagen
Ramsgaard Thomsen's focus lies on the profound changes that digital technologies instigate in the way architecture is thought, designed and built. In projects such as Complex Modelling and Innochain she is exploring the infrastructures of computational modelling including open topologies and adapative parametrization.
Stefan Weinzierl
Technical University of Berlin
Stefan Weinzierl is head of the Audio Communication Group at the Technische Universität Berlin. His research is focused on audio technology, virtual acoustics, room acoustics, and musical acoustics. With a diploma in physics and sound engineering, he received his PhD in musical acoustics. He is He is coordinating a master program in Audio Communication and Technology at TU Berlin, and research consortia in the field of virtual acoustics (SEACEN) and music information retrieval (ABC_DJ).
Jan Wurm
Arup, Berlin
Wurm's passion is the architectural engineering – the interaction between technology, building materials and structure and the architectural form itself. His work on structural use of glass for the building envelope has made him an acknowledged and internationally recognized expert in this field.