Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to all contracts regarding professional training courses such as Workshops and Master Classes as well as Conference such as Keynotes and Presentations or similar services rendered by the Design Modelling Symposium (hereinafter referred to as DMS).

Subsidiary agreements, alterations, amendments or any other form of modification to this text must be in written form to become effective. The training courses and lectures are not entitled to perform the aforementioned modifications to these general Terms and Conditions or the contract itself. The nullity of any of the provisions herein shall affect neither the validity of the Agreement as such nor the validity of these General Terms and Conditions.

1. Participation

In general, participation in the training courses and lectures of the DMS is open to the public. The DMS reserves the right to exclude participants from training courses and lectures in case the participant is in breach of obligations provided in clause 5 or does not meet his obligations to pay the participation fee in time.

2. Registration

A valid registration shall require the proper completion of the registration form and payment of participation fee prior to the scheduled beginning of the training courses and/or lectures. Registration can only be done on the homepage of the DMS.

The data of each participant will be electronically processed and stored. The DMS reserves the right to provide participants with the data of the other participants in regard to name and contact details of participant’s employer or company, except if a participant has expressively rescinded his or her approval thereof.

3. Conclusion of Contract

The contract between participant and DMS shall be concluded after the DMS has confirmed the registration via E-mail.

4. Implementation

The minimum number for training courses shall be six (6) participants per Workshop or Master Class, the minimum number for Conference shall be fifty (50) participants. The DMS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the training courses and lectures in case the minimum number of participants is not met.

In the event of sickness of the announced lecturer, the DMS shall have the right to provide an adequate replacement or to reschedule or cancel the symposium. Participants will be informed immediately thereof.

In the event of rescheduling, the participant shall have the right to withdraw from the contract. In the event of cancellation, the participant shall be reimbursed in full for any participation fees already paid.

Except as otherwise noted, the participant shall have the right to cancel his or her registration up until 3 weeks prior to scheduled beginning of the DMS.

The cancellation fee is 15 % when cancelling after 1 March 2022, 50 % cancelling after 15 May 2022, 70 % cancelling after 15 July 2022, 100 % cancelling after 15 August 2022. In case a participant fails to appear without cancelling inside aforementioned period, the participation fee has to be paid in full 100%. The participant shall have the right to name a substitute participant without any further costs.

5. Obligations of participant

The participant is obligated to:

Comply with instructions by staff members of the DMS concerning rules of the house, handle all provided devices and materials and the facilities and premises with care, refrain from smoking in the premises, except as otherwise indicated.

In case the DMS provides technical equipment such as personal computers for the participants, participant is obligated to refrain from copying, installing, down- or uploading and modifying software from or to the computer.

6. Certificate of attendance

A certificate of attendance can be issued upon request.

7. Fee

Except as otherwise noted, participation fee for the Conference is for a single person and for all Keynote Lectures and Presentations, participation fee for the Workshop is for one single person excluding the Conference part. The participant shall state which Workshop she will attend when booking. Except as otherwise noted, the participation fee includes provided material. Computer, software and catering (snacks and drinks) are not included.

The participation fee shall become due within 7 days after the participant has received the confirmation of registration via E-mail. The registration shall include the invoice, if requested. Differing payment modalities, such as deferred payment or change of due date, have to be mutually agreed upon between parties in writing.

8. Copyright

The supplied materials are protected by copyright. The duplication, dissemination or any other use of the materials is permitted with prior written consent by DMS only. The commercial use of works created by or in participation with participant during the symposium, protected as a whole or in parts by copyright or not, is permitted only with prior written consent by DMS.

DMS shall have the right to withhold consent or to give consent under certain conditions, in cases where business interests of DMS or third parties might conflict with such use. Otherwise DMS will not withhold this consent in accordance with good faith.

In case works created by or in participation with participant during the training courses and lectures are protected by copyright, participant hereby grants DMSC the gratuitous, non-exclusive rights of exploitation, unrestricted by time and territory for any types of use known.

In aforementioned case participant will refrain from exercising his or her right to be named as the author of the created work.

9. Liability

DMS takes no responsibility for the up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness of the supplied materials or the seminar. The DMS bears liability for personal and property damages, only for intent and gross negligence. The participant bears liability for all damages caused by actual fault.

10. Costs of default

In the event of a payment default, DMS shall have the right to charge the amount of 7,50 € for each written warning to cover costs for postage and administrative purposes.

11. Right of retraction

If participant is consumer, then she has the right to retract the order in written form within 14 days after receipt of confirmation without indicating reasons for revoking the contract. The same cancellation fee applies as in clause 4. To observe the 14 day time period, it is adequate to mail the retraction in a timely fashion to the following address:

Design Modelling Symposium
c/o University of the Arts
Institut für Architektur und Städtebau
Hardenbergstr. 33
D-12623 Berlin

The aforementioned right of retraction shall not be applicable, if the booked training courses and lectures took place and participant participated in it.

12. Miscellaneous Provisions

These provisions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction and the place of performance shall to the extent permitted by law be Berlin.