VEC – Programming Urban Regulations as a Virtual Ecosystem


Generate programmed multi-agent systems (virtual ecosystems) that interact with the environment. Learn the visual programming of necessary routines that define the way in which the agents relate to each other for the achievement of ends. Explore competition or collaboration for such purposes. Define the ends towards which the drift of the ecosystem is directed.

Creation of three-dimensional objects that serve as agents: geometry, topology, deformations.
Learning of visual programming environments to generate routines that react to stimuli.
Generate a digital and physical framework that serves as a laboratory for negotiations.
Schedule behaviours. Modify the behavior of one agent by the behavior of another. Explore basic learning routines. Study of the flexibility of changing the programmed.
Explore the programming of a complex network of needs between different agents
Register the negotiation process: Analyze drifts and evaluate states. Modify routines in progress during the evolution of the system. Emerging relationships Reprogram according to the result.
Reach agreements and generate a method to evaluate equilibrium states of the multiple solutions. Schedule routines for global state analysis.

Tools and requirements

CG platforms: Parametric SW (Rhinoceros-Grasshopper), interactive interface programming templates with Processing. During the workshop, the platforms indicated for the accomplishment of each assignment are used transversally; it is not necessary the complete knowledge of each software, only the necessary concepts to produce the prototype.

Tentative Programme

Day 1

INTRO. Theoretical Framework (Rules as Tools), Brainstorming and selection of Behaviours as Algorithms to be programmed.
BLOCK I. Behaviours: Visual Programming Algorithms.

Day 2

BLOCK II. Relations: Setting the Interactive Interface.
BLOCK III. Results: Testing and Practice; Conclusions.

Workshop Leaders

Sergio del Castillo Tello

Sergio del Castillo Tello, CEO of Miauhaus, Architect with Honours ETSAM (Technical School Of Architecture in Madrid) First Prize Final Career Project COAM, co-founder of the Master of Advanced Infoarchitecture and Computational Design of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (MIAU). Professional and Official Instructor of Design and 3D Programming (Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer by Mcneel Europe). Professor of the IAM Institute of Architecture of Madrid (Visual Programming, Audiovisual Project, Prototyping) within the Department of Architecture Projects of the Higher School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM), Professor of Master in IED European Institute of Design and Professor of Master in CICE School of New Technologies, Professor of courses of Infographics, Video, Programming, in DAETSAM and UAH University of Alcalá de Henares of Digital Workflows, teacher of more than 15 years.